Grey Lemon can help you set a firm foundation to ensure your business thrives.


An independent expert-led 360 business report from Grey Lemon, highlighting the grey areas holding you back and the opportunities to capitalise on.

Perception Study

We use our expert skills to get an independent, no-holds-barred evaluation from your team and clients to enable you to prioritise opportunities, mitigate risks and drive effective action.

Purpose, Values & Culture

Let us guide you in aligning your vision, mission, values and behaviours to articulate your core purpose and company culture.

Objective Setting

We help you get real about what is achievable and realistic within a given timeframe to get the results you need.

Strategy Development

We work with your senior leaders to develop a strategic plan that works - moving your strategy into action and guiding you through implementation.  

Stakeholder Engagement

As trained mediators and established global leaders, we know how to get alignment between leadership teams.


Secret CEO

We know it’s lonely at the top - that’s why we developed our secret CEO service to provide leaders with a safe space to share ideas and get a neutral perspective.

Leadership Development

Our bespoke leadership training empowers your senior teams to lead by example.

Management 101

This practical training session gives your leadership the tools and insight to enable your organisation to thrive…and mitigate risk.



Ensure you are positioning your organisation to win the work you want.

Commercial Strategy

Grey Lemon can support you to develop a holistic go-to-market strategy, aligning marketing, communication, and business development activity to position for and win the work you want to win. It’s all about tangible ROI.

Business Development Strategy

We can help you create a thriving business development culture within your organisation, with streamlined, cost-effective processes in place to smash your targets and guarantee a healthy pipeline.

Marketing Strategy

Our expert marketeers can guide any aspects of the marketing mix from branding to digital and everything in between. We can work with your existing team, be your team, or recruit the right talent based on your needs.

Communications Strategy

 We can help source and manage agencies, work with your existing team, or bring in our own team to ensure you get the right message to the right people in the right way - internally, externally, and on brand.

Bid Refresh

We know what works and what doesn’t, so let us help you get the results you want.


Check & Challenge

We can provide a critical review of your current situation and aspirations for the future, and help you identify the grey areas preventing you from achieving your strategic goals.

Business Development 101

This introductory training session equips your team with the skills to make the most out of every opportunity on a day-to-day basis to generate real results for your organisation.

Pitch & Presentation 101

Let Grey Lemon teach you how to dissect and respond to RFPs, develop winning presentations and nail it on the day to convert the work you want.

‘Must Win’ Bid Support

We can guide you to ensure you make the impact that matters with a killer bid and presentation for a game changer of a job.

Ask the Expert

We’re here to help! Whether you need advice or to ensure your marketing, communications/PR, bid and business development teams are working cohesively.


Tailored training to support your needs.



Let’s face it, recruitment can be a headache, so why not let us ease the pain? Our transparent, streamlined service makes the hiring process simple, effective and efficient for both employers and employees.

Recruitment (Permanent)

We can support you to source and recruit the right person, first time – someone to enhance your team, your culture and help achieve your goals.

Recruitment (Contract)

Looking to fill a gap quickly? We can source the right talent to jump straight in and keep things moving.

Recruitment Strategy

From expanding your reach to looking at more diverse talent pools, together we can create a plan to help you find the right people for your team.  


Whether you’re an employee with a view on pastures new or an organisation outplacing some of your existing team, we’ll provide the help where you need it.

Onboarding & Induction

We can provide you with the tools and processes to ensure all employees are set up for success from the outset.



Successful Human Resources enables you to nurture and develop your talent in a mutually beneficial, inclusive and rewarding way. Grey Lemon can support you in driving that success to make a real difference to your people, culture and bottom line.

Human Resources Audit

Grey Lemon will help to find the grey areas in your HR output with this full assessment and identify those key opportunities for improvement.

Crisis Management

Why not invite a Grey Lemon expert to step in to deal with any unforeseen issues effectively and mitigate the risks to your team, your organisation and, crucially, your reputation?


We’ve thought about this, so you don’t have to. We've developed a suite of off-the-shelf policies that we update annually, so you’re always up to date and on the right side of the law.

Appraisal Process

Our tailorable toolkit combines best practice with practical application to enable you to provide clarity of career pathway for all employees.

Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Our trained team of mediators are experts in helping you to navigate those sticky situations and difficult conversations (much cheaper than a lawsuit!).

Talent Management

Let us provide you with the tools and processes to help you attract and, crucially, retain the best talent.


HR Plug-In

A full time HR resource is often not necessary, or affordable, so our HR plug-in service enables you to buy the time you need per month with our HR professionals.

Discrimination 101

Workplace discrimination can take many guises. Our Discrimination 101 workshop empowers you with knowledge to help negate potential issues from the outset.



Grey Lemon can ensure that it’s not just a series of buzzwords or a box ticking exercise, but about making an authentic effort to level the playing field so that everyone has a chance to pitch for a seat at the table.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI)

Unsure of where to start? Let us help create a path that works for your organisation, enhancing your culture and enabling future growth.


Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) 101

This introductory workshop is your chance to get a true understanding of EDI and how to make it relevant for your business.



Let Grey Lemon guide you through what comes next for you and your business.

Stakeholder Engagement

Grey Lemon can help you effectively manage key communications and expectations across all parties to ensure alignment and avoid internal and external misperceptions.

Succession Planning

Succession planning can be sensitive but detrimental if not prioritised. Let Grey Lemon help you gain clarity on ideal outcomes and next steps.

Exit Strategy

It’s never too early planning for your leadership exit. Our experts can help you focus on business model and ownership structure to ensure a smooth transition and satisfaction for all parties.



Sustainability isn’t just about the environment. It’s about your business health, making sure you can pay wages, invest in your business, and guarantee future growth. Let Grey Lemon help get your organisation into the best shape possible.

Financial Audit

After a full assessment, Grey Lemon can explain your financial position and what it means for your organisation, including a review of the all-important processes and reports.

Cash Flow & Debt Management

We can help you to monitor, forecast and understand your cash flow vs profit - where it’s coming from and how much working capital you actual have!

Management Accounts

Let us support you in implementing an effective suite of accounts, with raw data, analysis and insights, to provide a 360 view of the organisation and ensure you’re making the right business decisions.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Grey Lemon can help you set KPIs that are relevant, measurable and achievable in order to stay on track with objectives and keep a clear eye on progress.

Cost & Profitability Analysis

We can bring you real strategic insight to help inform key business decisions such as pricing structures, investment options and which products or services to push or cut.

Business Valuation Methods & Features

Our team can support you with shareholder exit planning and advisory to mitigate risk and maximise returns.


Business Finance 101

Our Business Finance 101 can help leaders to understand the true relevance of a report and pinpoint the fundamental elements you need to monitor to keep your financial business health in check.

Ask the Expert

A Grey Lemon expert can help guide you through any tricky financial matters that need dealt with sooner rather than later.



Grey Lemon can analyse and review how your organisation operates from top to bottom, including your ever-important digital framework to the guidance and regulations that ensure everything is above board and of high quality.

IT Health Check

Let us examine your digital strategy to ensure alignment with your organisational goals to enable long-term success, with the right infrastructure, skill sets, GDPR and security in place.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

We can help you to make genuine, holistic efforts in sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and community engagement to enhance your external reputation while adhering to governance, industry standards and regulations.


service sectors & markets

Grey Lemon can help tailor the nuts and bolts of what you’re offering, where and to whom.

Business Repositioning

We can work with you to decipher what the future looks like and how you make it happen.

New Market Entry & Growth

Entering a new market or expanding your presence can be a daunting prospect so let us guide you to make the right moves for your business, at the right time.

Core Services/Products

The Grey Lemon team loves taking a long, hard look at what’s really bringing in the bucks and pinpointing what isn’t.


Let us do the hard grind and review what’s what. This in-depth knowledge of your sector and target area will enable us to tailor your offering accordingly.


We can analyse who is doing what, and where and how they’re doing it - then help you to strengthen your offering to gain an edge.


You know your business.

We help you see it through fresh eyes.


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